volleyball drawing for kids

Volleyball Drawing for Kids | Volleyball Drawing Easy

Hello friends, today we are going to learn to draw a ball, what ball will we draw? the ball we draw is a volleyball. Let’s just start the tutorial volleyball drawing for kids

Step 1 (Volleyball Drawing for Kids)

the first step make a circle

volleyball drawing for kids step 1

Step 2

the second step, divide the circle into 3 parts, follow the picture below

make a slightly curved vertical line

volleyball drawing for kids step 2

make another curved vertical line

and make one last curved vertical line

Step 3

we go to step 3, this step is very easy. make a line like the following image

draw the lines again

volleyball drawing for kids step 3

Step 4

step 4 is the same as step 3, make two lines like the image below

draw a second line for step 4

Step 5

and step 5 is still the same as the previous step, which is making 2 lines

draw a second line

and congratulations, you have succeeded in drawing volleyball, very easy right?.

volleyball drawing for kids

see you in the next article, you can also download volleyball pictures to color. the download button is below

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