tortoise drawing

Tortoise Drawing for Kids – How to Draw a Tortoise

Hello friends, back to drawing tutorials for kids. today we will learn to draw animals, the animal we draw is a tortoise. are you ready? let’s start the tutorial tortoise drawing for kids

Step 1 – Tortoise Drawing for Kids

our first step will be to draw the shell first, we draw it with a shape like this

how to drawing tortoise

Step 2 – How to Draw a Tortoise

after that we will immediately make the body, draw it carefully following the example below

until this step you can already see the shape of the turtle. but two steps are not enough, let’s make it even better

Step 3 – How to Draw a Tortoise

in step three there are several steps that you must follow

we will add texture on the shell, we draw a half pentagon line but only half

after that we will draw a line like below

how to draw tortoise picture

then we will make a shape similar to a square

tortoise drawing picture

and lastly we will also draw a half square shape on the back of the shell

tortoise drawing images

Step 4 – How to Draw a Tortoise

here we will draw a tortoise leg that we haven’t drawn yet, we make two more legs

tortoise drawing colour

Step 5 – How to Draw a Tortoise

finally we come to the last step, in this step we will make the nails

tortoise drawing easy

after that we also draw his smiling eyes and mouth

tortoise drawing for kids

You have done your best, the turtle has been drawn.

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If you want a more detailed tutorial, you can watch the video below

You can also download this turtle image for you to color. see you in the next article, bye bye

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