Submarine Drawing for Kids – How to Draw Submarine

Hello everyone I’m nifty, how are you guys today? today I will give a tutorial how to draw a submarine. let’s just start the submarine drawing tutorial

Step 1 (Submarine Drawing)

the first step we will make a shape like the image below. this will be the body of the submarine

submarine drawing

Step 2 (Submarine Drawing)

the second step we will add the top of the submarine, just add a shape like this

how to draw a submarine

Step 3 (Submarine Drawing)

then we’re going to make the top of the submarine’s tail

submarine drawing easy

Step 4 (Drawing Submarine for Kids)

we also add a tail at the bottom

submarine drawing for kids

Step 5 (Drawing Submarine for Kids)

in this step we will detail the submarine on the front

submarine drawing picture

Step 6 (How to Draw Submarine)

after that we will add 3 windows like this

submarine drawing step by step

Step 7 (How to Draw Submarine)

Don’t forget to draw the periscope so that the people on the boat can see outside

submarine drawing hard

Step 8 (How to Draw Submarine)

and the last step, we will make the propeller on the back of the submarine

submarine drawing colour

you have drawn submarines well, you are great

submarine drawing images

if you still don’t understand this article, you can see the video to draw a submarine below

You can also download a submarine image and color it via the button below. see you in the next tutorial

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