Red Radish Drawing for Kids, Vegetables Drawing For Kids

Hello, how are you? I hope you will always be healthy physically and mentally. Okay, this time I will share a tutorial red radish drawing for kids, let’s start drawing lessons today!!

Step 1

To start red radish drawing for kids, create an image like the example below


Step 2

After that, make a circle at the top of the image step 1


After drawing a circle, your drawing is like a red radish

Step 3

We go to step 3, now add a leaf on top


Step 4

In step 4 add another leaf, draw this leaf under the leaf you drew in step 3


Step 5

Add another leaf between the previously drawn leaves


Step 6

In the last step, draw the detailed parts of this red radish to make it more beautiful


Congratulations to you, after following step by step, you have succeeded in making red radish


Learning to draw today is over, see you in other drawing tutorials. For those of you who want to do coloring in this red radish image, you can download the image below

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