peppa pig

Peppa Pig Drawing Easy – How to Draw Peppa Pig

Hello everyone how are you guys, today we will learn how to draw peppa pig. let’s just start the tutorial peppa pig drawing easy

Step 1 (Peppa Pig Drawing Easy)

the first step we will make the head, make a head with a shape like the image below

peppa pig drawing

Step 2 (How to Draw Peppa Pig)

then we will make the body, the body of the peppa pig is very easy to draw

peppa pig drawing easy

Step 3 (How to Draw Peppa Pig)

the third step we will make peppa pig’s nose, make two circles and add a curved line like the image below

how to draw peppa pig

Step 4 (How to Draw Peppa Pig)

don’t forget to draw the ears, making peppa pig ears is also really easy

how to draw peppa pig easy

Step 5 (How to Draw Peppa Pig)

After creating the ears, we will now draw the eyes

peppa pig drawing step by step

Step 6 (How to Draw Peppa Pig)

then we draw the mouth, and don’t forget to add a circle on the cheek

Step 7

we make both hands, just make it like the example below

Step 8

in the eighth step, we will make a peppa pig tail, make it like the image below

Step 9

and the last one we will make the legs, make it like this

peppa pig drawing for kids

congrats, you guys are great. how do you feel after successfully drawing peppa pig. nifty drawing tutorial is very easy right?

besides reading this article you can also see the peppa pig easy drawing video below.

and don’t forget to download the coloring page of the peppa pig. See you in the next article, bye bye

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