Lettuce Drawing Tutorial – How To Draw Lettuce

Hello, how are you? today we will learn to draw lettuce, This lettuce drawing tutorial will be very complicated, but very easy to follow. let’s just get started lettuce drawing tutorial for kids

Step 1 (Lettuce Drawing)

the first step to make a shape like the image below

Step 2 (Lettuce Drawing)

then we’re going to make a wavy part of the lettuce. make it like the image below

Step 3 (Lettuce Drawing)

we are going to create this wavy section in detail

Step 4 (Lettuce Drawing)

follow slowly

Step 5

make a wavy area like the example below

Step 6

Keep up the spirit, this will end soon

Step 7

and add the last part

Step 8

once done with the wavy sections, we will create the leaf bones

lettuce drawing tutorial step 8

Step 9

then we’ll draw one more lettuce on the back

lettuce drawing tutorial step 9

Step 10

we will start drawing the wavy parts again

lettuce drawing tutorial step 10

Step 11

I hope you can follow it

lettuce drawing tutorial step 11

Step 12

and add the last shape

lettuce drawing tutorial step 12

congratulations on drawing lettuce, how do you feel?. I hope you all follow the steps carefully

lettuce draw for kids

if you guys manage to draw, this is the end we have to split up. see you in the next article, don’t forget to download the lettuce for you to color

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