How To Draw Watermelon for Kids Easy & Step by Step

Hello friends, today we will learn how to draw a watermelon. I hope this tutorial can help you, let’s just go to the tutorial

Step 1 How to Draw Watermelon

Make a slightly curved horizontal line

How To Draw Watermelon step 1

Step 2

Make a semicircle by connecting the ends with the line that was made earlier

How To Draw Watermelon step 2

Step 3

Make a semicircle again with a smaller size than before

How To Draw Watermelon step 3

Step 4

We will make watermelon seeds, the shape of the watermelon seeds is the same as the shape of water drops

The watermelon has been drawn, but here I will add another watermelon to make it more complete

Step 5

Add a circle to the left of the previous watermelon

Step 6

Make the texture of watermelon skin, look at the image below

Congratulations, the watermelon is finished. The thing to remember is this tutorial is not the only tutorial to draw watermelons

How To Draw Watermelon

Today’s drawing tutorial has been completed, see you in the next tutorial. Don’t forget to download the coloring image below

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