How to Draw Tomato in 3 Steps – Tomato Drawing Easy

Hello everyone, we meet again in drawing tutorial for kids. today we will learn to draw tomatoes, let’s start the tutorial how to draw tomato

Step 1 – How to Draw Tomato Pedicel

first we will draw the pedicel first, you have to follow me

How to Draw Tomato in Three Steps

Step 2 – How to Draw Tomato Sepals

in this second step we will draw sepals, I will describe them one by one.

first of all you have to make an image like this first

Tomato Drawing Easy

after that, make a shape like the image below. it’s like the letter W

when finished, draw a shape like this. if previously similar to the letter W now similar to M

You’ve made it through the hardest part

Step 3 – Draw Circle

after everything is drawn, the third step is to make a circle. place the circle like the example below

tomato drawing easy

and finally, you guys have managed to draw tomatoes very well. applause to all of you

Tomato drawing step by step

If you have successfully drawn a tomato, it is time to part. You can also view this tutorial in video form

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don’t forget to download the coloring page below, see you in the next tutorial

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