How to Draw Stitch Step by Step

Today we will learn to draw one of the famous cartoon characters, this character is very cute and you will definitely like it. let’s start the tutorial how to draw stitch

Step 1 – Drawing Stitch

to draw stitch, the first step we have to do is make the head

how to draw stitch

Step 2 – Drawing Stitch Head

the stitch head is not finished yet, let’s continue

how to draw stitch step by step

Step 3 – Drawing Stitch Eye

after that we will draw the eyes

how to draw stitch easy

Step 4 – Drawing Stitch Head Nose & Mouth

when finished drawing the eyes, now we will draw the nose and mouth

how to draw stitch disney

Step 5 – How to Draw Stitch

The stitch head has been drawn, but something is still missing. what’s missing is the ears, let’s draw the ears

how to draw stitch cute

Step 6 – Drawing Stitch Ears

there is one step to draw ears, don’t miss it

Step 7 – Drawing Stitch Hand

the stitch head is completely finished, now it’s time to draw his hands

how to draw stitch cute easy

Step 8 – Drawing Stitch Hand

we will draw the nails on his hands

Step 9 – Drawing Stitch Feet

we will draw the last part, drawing feet

Step 10 – Drawing Stitch Feet

we will draw the same shape as before

Step 11

then at the ends of the legs, we have to draw a circle

Step 12

Connect the right leg and left foot with two curved lines

Step 13

we have to draw a circle again inside the circle we just made

Step 14

Don’t forget to draw your toenails

we have finished drawing stitch, you guys are awesome

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