spinach drawing for kids

How to Draw Spinach Vegetable – Spinach Drawing

hello everyone how are you today? today we will learn to draw spinach, are you ready?, let’s just start the tutorial how to draw spinach vegetable

Step 1 (How to Draw Spinach Vegetable)

Drawing sinach is very easy, the first to make a shape like this

How to Draw Spinach Vegetable step 1

Step 2 (How to Draw Spinach)

and the second step, we will make the leaf bones, make an image like this

spinach drawing step 2

The spinach is finished drawing but looks weird, how about we go to step 3?

Step 3 (Spinach Drawing)

This third step we will repeat step 1, make an image like this but its position on the right

How to Draw Spinach Vegetable step 3

Step 4

then add the leaf bones as before

spinach drawing for kids

Step 5

repeat steps 1 and 3 again, but this time the location is on the left

spinach drawing step 5

Step 6

then the last one, we add the leaf bones

draw spinach

and congrats, you have successfully drawn spinach, don’t forget to color your image

how to draw spinach

if you have succeeded in drawing it means that the tutorial is complete, see you in the next tutorial, goodbye

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