How to Draw Peas for Kids – Easy Drawing Peas

Hello everyone, back in the drawing for kids tutorial. today we will learn to draw peas, let’s start the tutorial how to draw peas

Step 1 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

the first step, make a stem from peas as shown below

how to draw peas

Step 2 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

then make an image as below

peas drawing

Step 3 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

then add a curved line to follow the shape of the peas skin

drawing peas

Step 4 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

add texture to the peas skin, this step is very easy to do, you only need to add a small curved line

peas drawing step by step

Step 5 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

you have successfully drawn the first peas, but we’re going to make another one with a different shape

peas drawing easy

Step 6 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

then repeat step two

Step 7 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

Also repeat step three, but this time the curved line is at the bottom

Step 8 (Drawing Peas tutorial)

and in the last step we will draw the peas. You have to draw the semicircles in sequence

peas drawing for kids

congratulations, today you have successfully drawn peas. how do you feel?

besides reading this article you can also watch the video drawing peas on the nifty youtube channel, or click on the video below

don’t forget to download the coloring page peas

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