How to Draw Peacock Step by Step for Kids

Hello everyone back to drawing tutorials for kids. today I will share an animal drawing tutorial, can anyone guess what animal we will draw?. today we will draw peacock, let’s start the tutorial how to draw peacock

Step 1 – How to Draw Peacock

first step, we will make the head first, make a circle like the picture below

how to draw circle

Step 2 – How to Draw Peacock

after that we will make the body, let’s draw a body shape like this

Step 3 – Drawing a peacock’s head

in this third step there will be many parts that we draw, first we will make the eyes. To make the eyes, you have to draw two circles like the picture below

how to draw peacock

after that add two more circles inside the circle that we previously drew

how to draw peacock feather

The peacock’s eye has been drawn, now it’s time to draw the beak

how to draw peacock step by step

then we also have to draw the topknot, make an oval shape and add a straight line

how to draw peacock easy

Step 4 – How to Draw Peacock

in this step we will draw the wings and legs, we start with the wings

how to draw peacock with colour

after that we will make the legs

how to draw a peacock

Step 5 – Drawing peacock tail

it’s time to make a tail, first we have to draw a tall oval shape, right on the head

Drawing peacock tail

if it is we will draw the tail on the right first, the way we will draw an oval like we did earlier, but its position will be more to the right

Drawing peacock tail

then we will make the tail on the left, the method is the same as before

Drawing peacock tail

Step 6 – Drawing peacock tail

it will look ugly if we leave the peacock tail plain, let’s make the motif. all we have to do is make three circles with this arrangement

Drawing peacock tail

we will do it like we drew the tail earlier

Drawing peacock tail

then add on the left

Drawing peacock tail

Step 7 – Drawing peacock tail

and the last step we will add another circle at the tail

Drawing peacock tail

and you have succeeded in drawing a peacock, you are so great. you have to celebrate

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