How to Draw Olaf Frozen Step by Step

Hello everyone, i’m nifty. back again in the drawing tutorial for kids, today I will share a tutorial on how to draw olaf. I hope you like it, let’s just go to the tutorial

Step 1 (How to Draw Olaf)

in the first step, we will create the head first. all you have to make is a curved line like the one below

after that add a line with a shape like the example below

olaf’s head has been drawn

Step 2 (How to Draw Olaf)

the second step we will make the neck, add a line like the example below

Step 3 (How to Draw Olaf)

when finished drawing the neck, we will create the body, draw an oval that joins the neck

Step 4 (How to Draw Olaf)

after that, we will create the legs. add 2 small oval shapes under the body

we are almost done drawing it

Step 5 (How to Draw Olaf)

In step 5, we will make Olaf’s face, we will make it one by one. make a cone shape but with a position like this

after that add two curved lines into the cone shape that we created earlier

olaf’s nose is done, now we are going to make the eyes. add two circles above olaf’s nose

how to draw olaf disney

then add 2 more circles in the previous circle. olaf’s eyes are finished

how to draw olaf easy step by step

After making the eyes we will make eyebrows, Olaf has thick eyebrows. let’s make it

how to draw olaf face step by step

Step 6 (Olaf Drawing Easy)

after that we will make the mouth of olaf, the first thing to do is make a curved line like below

how to draw olaf face

then add a line like below

how to draw olaf from frozen 2

olaf’s mouth is finished, we’re going to make the teeth. we just need to make 1 tooth, and add a line at the end of his lips

how to draw olaf step by step

Step 7 (Olaf Drawing Easy)

in the seventh step we will make the hair, make the hair olaf as below

how to draw olaf easy

Step 8 (Olaf Drawing Easy)

and don’t forget to make his hands

how to draw olaf

Step 9 (Olaf Drawing Easy)

lastly we will add three small circles to the body of olaf

olaf drawing easy

and finally, you guys have succeeded in drawing olaf well. how do you feel?

as usual, this tutorial comes in two versions, if you are confused with the website version, you can see the video version below. I hope it can help you

Don’t forget to download the coloring page below, see you in the next article

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