Monkey Drawing

How to Draw Monkey for Kids by Nifty Toy Art

Hello friends, how are you today? today we will learn to draw a monkey. let’s start the tutorial how to draw monkey

Step 1 (How to Draw Monkey)

in step 1 we will create a head, the first step is to make a circle

how to draw monkey Step 1

Inside the circle make a shape like the one below

Step 2 (Draw Monkey for Kids)

Step 2 we will make the ear, make 2 semicircles on the left

how to draw monkey Step 2

Then make 2 more semicircles on the right

Step 3

step 3 we will make the face, first make 2 ovals as eyes

how to draw monkey Step 3

After that make the mouth

and make 2 more ovals between the eyes and mouth for the nose

Step 4

Make another oval for the body of the monkey

Step 5

Then make the body and legs as shown below

Step 6

And the last step is making hands, make the right hand as shown below

Then make a left hand from a monkey

and the monkey has been drawn, how do you feel after successfully drawing the monkey? if not successful, keep the spirit to practice drawing

how to draw monkey

See you in other drawing tutorials, don’t forget to download the monkey image below

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