How to Draw Fish for Kids, Very Very Easy!

Hello all nifty friends, today is the most fun day because we will learn to draw. today we will learn to draw fish, let’s start the tutorial how to draw fish for kids. this tutorial is very easy!

Step 1 (How to Draw Fish for Kids)

first step, we will draw an oval shape, but one side of the oval is a straight line. You can see an example image below

Step 2 (How to Draw Fish for Kids)

after that on the flat side of the oval, we will draw the tail. we draw according to the example

Step 3 (Fish Drawing Very Easy)

after we finish making the tail, we will draw the fish fin on the top

how to draw a cute fish step by step easy

Step 4 (Fish Drawing Very Easy)

don’t forget to draw the bottom fin, let’s follow the picture below

how to draw a fish for beginners

Step 5 (Fish Drawing Very Easy)

the fish fin is done, now we will draw the eyes. just add two small circles, very easy right?

how to draw a fish step by step easy

Step 6 (Fish Drawing Very Easy)

we also have to draw a mouth, we will make the fish smile

drawing for kids

Step 7 (Fish Drawing Very Easy)

I almost forgot, we haven’t drawn the fin on the body. let’s draw now

simple fish drawing

our fish is ready, very very easy right?. learning to draw today has been completed

how to draw fish for kids

you can also see this tutorial in video format, don’t forget to subscribe to the nifty channel

if you are lazy to draw and just want to color, you can download it here. see you in the next tutorial

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