How to Draw an Eggplant – Eggplant Drawing for Kids

Hello everyone how are you today? today I will share a tutorial how to draw an easy eggplant. let’s just start the tutorial eggplant drawing for kids

Step 1 (How to Draw an Eggplant)

first step, we will start by making the stem first

egglant drawing step 1

Step 2 (Eggplant Drawing)

in the second step we still make the stalk

egglant drawing step 2

Step 3 (Drawing Eggplant for Kids)

and the last step is to make the eggplant

egglant drawing step 3

congratulations, you guys have successfully drawn eggplant. very easy right?

eggplant drawing download

Today’s tutorial is finished, I’ll see you in another tutorial. don’t forget to download the eggplant coloring page below. Bye bye

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