How To Draw an Apple – Easy to Draw Apple for Kids

Hello everyone, today I will share a tutorial on drawing apples, hopefully this tutorial can help those of you who are in trouble. just go to the tutorial how to draw an apple

Step 1 (How to Draw an Apple)

first we will make a shape like below, this will be the right apple shape

apple drawing step 1

Step 2 (How to Draw an Apple)

then we will make the left apple part, draw like the example below. the shape of the apple is already visible

apple drawing step 2

Step 3 (Apple Drawing for Kids)

in this step we will add details, draw a line in the top right corner and in the top center

drawing apple step 3

apples are visible

Step 4 (Apple Drawing for Kids)

the last step, add the stalk on top of the apple

still in step 4, add a leaf at the end of the stalk, an example can be seen below

How To Draw an Apple step 4

Congratulations, you have successfully drawn an apple. You are great

How To Draw an Apple

I hope you guys like this tutorial, see you in other drawing tutorials and don’t forget to download the apple image below

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