How To Draw Among Us Character – Among Us Drawing

Hello everyone came back great, today nifty will share a tutorial on how to draw among us character. This tutorial is very easy just 4 steps, Immediately we start the tutorial among us drawing

Step 1 (How To Draw Among Us Character)

the first step, make a shape like the one below, the shape is similar to an oval

among us drawing step 1

Step 2 (How To Draw Among Us)

then we will make the body, we will make the body together with the right leg. make it like the image below

among us character step 2

Step 3 (Draw Among Us Character)

then we’re going to make another part of the body and join it with the left leg

among us character step 3

Step 4 (Among Us Character)

Finally we will make the back of the body that looks like a bag

among us character step 4

we have finished drawing among us, very easy right?

Among us drawing

Until here, today’s tutorial, hopefully your drawing skills will increase. Don’t forget to download among us coloring page below

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