How to Draw a Soccer Ball Easy – Soccer Ball Drawing Easy

hi friends, how are you guys today? today I will give a tutorial how to draw a soccer ball easy, just go to the tutorial soccer ball drawing easy

drawing a soccer ball this time is very easy, I divided it into 3 steps. immediately we start the first step

Step 1 (How to Draw a Soccer ball)

the first step we will make a circle

soccer ball drawing step 1

Step 2 (Soccer Ball Drawing Easy)

then in the second step, we will make a pentagon in the middle of the circle

still in step 2, after making the pentagon in the middle. this time we will make a triangle at 5 corners of the pentagon

soccer ball drawing step 2

Step 3

In this last step we will connect the triangle and pentagon by drawing straight lines

Soccer Ball Drawing Easy

finally finished, we have succeeded in drawing a soccer ball, it’s very easy right

How to Draw a Soccer Ball Easy

see you in the next article, don’t forget to download the soccer coloring page below, bye bye

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