How to Draw a Snail Easy Step by Step

Hello everyone, back to the nifty drawing tutorial. today we will learn to draw a snail, have you ever drawn a snail?. let’s start the tutorial how to draw a snail easy step by step

Step 1 (How to Draw a Snail Easy Step by Step)

the first step, make a circle. this circle is going to be the cochlea

How to Draw a Snail Easy step 1

Step 2

right at the bottom of the circle, make the body of the snail

How to Draw a Snail Easy step 2

Step 3

then we will add the details of the cochlea, make a curved line like the image below

Step 4

the snail is almost done, we are going to add the eyes, make 2 small circles

snail drawing step 4

Step 5

then inside the circle that we just created, add 2 more small circles inside

snail drawing step 5

Step 6

the last step is to connect the eye to the body of the snail and create a mouth

Congratulations, you have successfully drawn a snail. today’s tutorial is very easy right?

download snail image

learning to draw we have finished, hope you can follow and succeed in drawing it. if you are confused, you can watch the video below.

Don’t forget to download the coloring page below the video, see you in the next tutorial. I love you all, bye bye

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