How to Draw a Pizza Slice Step by Step for Kids

Hello, nifty has come back for you. as usual nifty will share drawing tutorials for kids, and today I will share a tutorial on how to draw pizza slice. let’s just start the tutorial

Step 1 (How to Draw a Pizza Slice)

In the first step, we will start by making the pizza crusts first. you have to draw like the example below

how to draw a pizza slice

Step 2 (How to Draw a Pizza Slice)

we will continue to draw the pizza crust, this step we will make the details. follow the example below

how to draw a pizza

Step 3 (How to Draw a Pizza Slice)

add more details to make it look prettier

drawing pizza

Step 4 (Pizza Drawing)

the fourth step we are going to make the top, I don’t know what it’s called so we just call it the top

pizza drawing for kids

Step 5 (Pizza Drawing)

then we will add a line like below, this line will give thickness to the pizza

easy drawing pizza

Step 6 (Pizza Drawing)

and this sixth step we will draw pizza toppings, I make sausage toppings because I like it

drawing topping pizza

Step 7 (Pizza Drawing)

and the last step, add the details between the toppings

you have succeeded in drawing pizza, what do you think? is this tutorial easy? don’t forget to color the picture you made

if you have trouble with this tutorial, you can watch it in video form, hopefully it can help

Don’t forget to download the coloring page below, see you in the next tutorial

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