How to Draw a Pineapple Step by Step for Kids

Hello everyone back with me on drawing tutorials for kids. today we will draw a fruit, and the fruit we draw is a pineapple. let’s start the tutorial on how to draw a pineapple

Step 1 – How to Draw a Pineapple

our first step will be to draw an oval shape with a flat top, it can be seen in the image below

pineapple drawing step by step

Step 2 – How to Draw a Pineapple

After finishing making the oval shape, we will create a curved line with a sloping position to the top left

pineapple drawing easy

Step 3 – Make Curved Lines

After finishing making a slash to the top left, in this step we will make the opposite, which is facing the top right

pineapple drawing for kids

we have successfully drawn the pineapple skin texture

Step 4 – Drawing Pineapple Freckles

don’t forget to add a curved line down with a small size like below

pineapple drawing

Step 5 – Drawing Pineapple Leaves

After finishing making the fruit, we will make the leaves which are usually attached to the top of the pineapple. we will make it in stages, the first we make like the picture below first

how to draw a pineapple video

Step 6 – Drawing Pineapple Leaves

then draw a shape like this

how to draw a pineapple realistic

Step 7 – Drawing Pineapple Leaves

I think the leaves are not tall enough, let’s add more

how to draw a pineapple step by step

Step 8 – Draw a Pineapple Leaves

how about we add one more? looks like it will look good

how to draw a pineapple easy

Congratulations to all of you, you have succeeded in drawing a pineapple. applause for all of us

how to draw a pineapple

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Don’t forget to download the coloring page below, see you in another article, bye bye

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