how to draw a pinguin

How to Draw a Penguin in a Few Easy Steps

Hello everyone, today we are going to learn to draw penguins. read the tutorial until it’s finished. let’s start the tutorial how to draw a penguin in a Few Easy Steps.

Step 1 How to Draw a Penguin

Your first step is to draw an oval like an egg

Step 2 How to Draw a Penguin

The second step, make a shape like this.

Then create the same shape on the left, and connect it to the two.

Penguin body has been made, very easy right?

Step 3

At this stage we will make the eyes, this stage is very easy. Make two curved lines on the right and left like the image below

Step 4

the next stage we will make penguin mouth, this step is also very easy. Make a rhombus shape then add a curved line facing up in the middle

Don’t forget to make a curved line

how to draw penguin step 4

Step 5

we will make the penguin hand, make it like the image below.

Step 6

the last step is to make penguin feet, make like the example below

how to draw penguin step 5

The penguin has been drawn, congrats to you. Don’t forget to color the penguin that you have drawn

how to draw penguin

See you in the next article, don’t forget to read our other articles. and make sure you download the Penguin coloring page

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