How To Draw a Mint | Mint Drawing Tutorial

Hello everyone, today we will learn to draw mint leaves. There are 4 steps in this tutorial, let’s just get started how to draw a mint.

mint leaves are often downy, and with jagged edges.

Step 1 How to Draw a Mint

The first step, make the edges of the mint leaves. Make the edges with a jagged shape like the image below

Step 2

The second step is the same as the first step, the edges in this section must also be jagged

Step 3

The third step we will make the middle bone of the leaf

Step 4

The fourth step we will make another bone, in this section draw a leaf bone like a leaf in general

After this step, the mint leaves are ready. But if you want it to be better, follow step 5

Step 5

In step 5 we will add another mint leaf, the steps are still the same

And finally your mint leaves are done

We are finished for today, don’t forget to download the mint leaf coloring page below.

See you in the next tutorial, keep the spirit of learning to draw

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