How to Draw a Giraffe Easy Step by Step

Hello friends, today nifty will share a tutorial on how to draw a giraffe easy. The tutorial that Nifty shared is very easy to follow, you just need to follow it step by step. let’s just start the tutorial giraffe drawing

Step 1 (How to Draw a Giraffe)

first, we are going to create the head and nose

How to Draw a Giraffe part 1

Step 2 (How to Draw a Giraffe)

then add the horns and ears

How to Draw a Giraffe part 2

Step 3

in this step we will make the long neck of the giraffe, we will also make the body and legs

How to Draw a Giraffe part 3

Step 4

then add powerful hooves

giraffe drawing part 4

Step 5

lastly we will add a pattern on the giraffe’s body

Congratulations, you have successfully drawn a giraffe. this tutorial is very easy right?

Today’s tutorial how to draw a giraffe easy has been completed, if you think it’s unclear you can see the video below. see you in the next article, don’t forget to also download the coloring page below. See you bye bye

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