how to draw a duck

How to Draw a Duck Step by Step | Easy Duck Drawing

Hello friend how are you, today we will learn to draw a duck. The duck we drew has 6 steps, make sure you follow all the steps. let’s start the tutorial to how to draw a duck

Step 1

the first step make a circle that has an end

Step 2

then we will make the eye, make two circles like the image below

Step 3

add a duck mouth, make it as shown below

Step 4

After finishing making the duck’s head, we will make the body, something like this is the body shape of our duck

Step 5

then add duck wings on the body

how to draw a duck step 5

Step 6

and finally we will make duck feet, draw like the example below

then make the same image as the top, but with a smaller size

you have finished drawing the duck. for those of you who haven’t succeeded in drawing a duck, keep trying.

how to draw a duck

until here the tutorial how to draw a duck, see you in the next tutorial, bye bye. and don’t forget to download the duck coloring page

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