chair drawing for kids

How to Draw a Chair for Kids | Drawing Chair Easy

Hello friends, how are you guys? of course it’s fine, today we will learn to draw chairs. let’s just start the tutorial how to draw a chair

Step 1 (How to Draw a Chair)

the first step to make an image as below

Step 2 (How to Draw a Chair)

then add vertical lines at each corner to add thickness

Step 3 (How to Draw a Chair)

and connect the corners of the vertical line

chair drawing for kids step 3

Step 4

this step we will make the chair leg legs, make the first leg.

Step 5

make a second leg

Step 6

then we make the third leg

chair drawing for kids step 6

Step 7

and finally we will make the 4th leg

Step 8

When finished making the bottom of the chair, then we will make the top of the chair. Make a square shape as a backrest

Step 9

then make two vertical lines connecting the backrest and the bottom

Step 10

make two more vertical lines as before, but the positions are on the right

chair drawing for kids step 10

Congratulations, you guys have succeeded in drawing a chair

chair drawing for kids

see you in the next article, don’t forget to download the coloring page chair below.

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