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How to Draw a Castle for Kids – Drawing Castle Easy

Finally we meet again in this tutorial, today we will learn to draw a castle. as usual we just go to the tutorial drawing castle easy / how to draw a castle for kids

Step 1 (How to Draw a Castle for Kids)

the first one we will create a rectangle

Step 2 (How to Draw a Castle)

add two more rectangles on the right and left, making the top of the rectangle have curves

Step 3 (Drawing Castle Easy)

then add a shape like below just above the two rectangles

Step 4

and add an inverted cone on top

The shape of the castle is visible

Step 5

Step five we will connect the left and right castle towers, make an image like this

how to draw castle step 5

still in step 5, after the two castle towers are connected, we will make a door. make an image as below

then add a vertical line on the door

Step 6

this time we will make the castle tower in the middle, make it right above the door

how to draw castle step 6

for the steps to make it, you can repeat steps 2, 3 and 4

Step 7

this step we will make a window, the first step make a rectangle in the middle tower

then add a curved line like a dome on top of the rectangle earlier

repeat the above steps to create windows in all towers

Step 8

add a flag on top of the tower

Step 9

and finally, add a square in some parts of the castle

how to draw castle step 9

congratulations you guys succeeded in drawing the castle, how do you feel after you succeeded in drawing it?

how to draw castle

See you in the next article, don’t forget to download the coloring page below

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