How to Draw a Cartoon Frog – How to Draw a Frog Easy

Hello everyone good morning, today I will share a tutorial how to draw a cartoon frog. let’s just start how to draw a frog easy

Step 1 (How to Draw a Cartoon Frog)

the first step we have to do is make two circles

how to draw frog easy step 1

Step 2 (How to draw Frog)

then inside the circle, add an oval shape. this will be the frog’s eye

how to draw frog easy step 2

Step 3 (How to draw Frog)

then add a shape like a triangle as below, the head of the frog is ready

how to draw frog easy step 3

Step 4 (How to draw Frog)

to complement the head, we add the mouth of the frog

how to draw frog easy step 4

Step 5 (How to draw Frog)

after we have succeeded in making the head, next we will make the hand. we start with the left hand first

how to draw frog easy step 5

Step 6 (Frog Drawing)

after that we will make the right hand

how to draw frog easy step 6

Step 7 (Frog Drawing)

add a line like the mouth, between the hands. this will be the body

drawing frog step 7

Step 8 (Frog Drawing)

then we will make the leg, we start with the left leg first

drawing frog step 8

Step 9 (Frog Drawing)

then we’re going to make the right leg

drawing frog step 9

Step 10 (Frog Drawing)

then we make the stomach

drawing frog step 10

Step 11 (Frog Drawing)

The frog is finished, finally we will add the part of the frog’s footing. make it like the image below

drawing frog step 11

you have succeeded in drawing a frog, it’s very easy right?

today’s how to draw cartoon frog tutorial has been completed, see you next time. don’t forget to download the coloring page below, bye bye

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