How to Draw a Cap Very Easy for Kids

Hello my friends, we meet again in a drawing tutorial for kids, today we will draw a cap. in this tutorial there are six steps that you have to follow, I hope you can follow it without any problems.

Before starting to draw, prepare your drawing equipment, such as a drawing book, pencil, eraser, and crayons or colored pencils. don’t forget to pray before starting the activity

If you’re ready, it’s time to draw. let’s start the drawing tutorial

Step 1 – How to Draw a Cap

the first step you have to do is to draw a shape like this

how to draw a cap

Step 2 – How to Draw a Cap

after that we will draw the cap, we draw a shape like a dome

how to draw a cap step 2

Step 3 – How to Draw a Cap

then add a curved line like this

drawing cap

Step 4 – Drawing a Cap

add one more curved line to the right of the previous line

drawing a cap

Step 5 – Drawing a Cap

in this step we will make the front of the cap, make it like the example below

drawing sandwitch of cap

Step 6 – Drawing a Cap

add a line like this to make it look more proportional

how to draw a cap

Congratulations to all of you, you have successfully followed this tutorial well

After successfully drawing, now is the time for you to color using crayons, color as you like and express your creativity. You can also watch this tutorial on YouTube, see you in the next tutorial

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