How to Draw a Basketball

How to Draw a Basketball – Basketball Drawing Easy

hello friends, today we will draw a ball again, if we previously draw a volleyball, this time we will draw a basketball. let’s start with the tutorial how to draw a basketball

Step 1 (How to Draw a Basketball)

the first step of course we will make a circle

How to Draw a Basketball step 1

Step 2

second step make two curved lines. first we will make a curved vertical line, the first vertical curved line close to the right side circle

How to Draw a Basketball step 2

then we will make a horizontal curved line, make a horizontal curved line slightly down not in the middle

Step 3

at this stage we will make a line that is characteristic of basketball. make a shape like the image below

then draw the same shape under the horizontal line

congratulations, you have successfully drawn a basketball. Don’t give up on drawing if you don’t succeed

How to Draw a Basketball

See you in the next article, don’t forget to download the basketball image below for you to color

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