Ginger Drawing for Kids – How To Draw Ginger

Hello everyone, back again with the article drawing for kids by nifty, today nifty will share a tutorial on drawing ginger, let’s start the tutorial ginger drawing for kids.

Step 1 (Ginger Drawing for Kids)

the first one makes a line with a shape like the one below, the shape of the line does look weird.

ginger drawing for kids step 1

Step 2 (Ginger Drawing for Kids)

when finished, we will make a line with a shape like the image below

ginger drawing for kids step 2

Step 3 (How to Draw Ginger)

make the same line as step 2, but for this line we make the ends the same length

ginger drawing for kids step 3

Step 4 (How to Draw Ginger)

don’t give up, we will make a strange line again, make it like the image below

Step 5 (How to Draw Ginger)

we make a line that resembles the letter U backwards

Step 6 (How to Draw Ginger)

and lastly we will cover all the spaces with curved lines

ginger drawing step 6

Step 7 (Drawing Ginger)

we make curved lines at some of the ends

ginger drawing step 7

Step 8

then finally we will add the ginger texture, make it like the one below

ginger drawing step 8

congratulations, you have succeeded in drawing ginger perfectly. You have to celebrate your success

if you find it hard to understand this article, you can see the video tutorial on drawing ginger below. You can also download the Ginger coloring page under this video

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