Garlic Drawing Easy – How to Draw garlic

Hello friends, see you again in the drawing tutorial with nifty, today I will share a tutorial on drawing garlic. no need to wait long, let’s just get started garlic drawing easy

Step 1 (Garlic Drawing Easy)

the first step we will make a small oval like this image

Step 2 (Drawing Garlic Easy)

then we will make part of garlic, we will make it one by one. we start with a shape like this

how to draw garlic step 2

Step 3 (How to Draw Garlic Easy)

we will make the second part, follow the image below

how to draw garlic step 3

Step 4

you are almost done, add one more like the image below

how to draw garlic step 4

Step 5

the last one added a shape like the one below on the left

Step 6

unfinished garlic, we will add the part of the garlic separated from the bunch

Step 7

add the separate garlic curves

garlic drawing for kids step 7

congrats, you guys have successfully drawn the garlic

garlic drawing for kids

see you in the next article, don’t forget to download the coloring page below. and if this article doesn’t help you, you can watch the video below

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