easy plant drawing

Easy Plant Drawing for Kids – How to Draw a Plant

Hello everyone how are you? we meet again in drawing tutorial for kids. today we will learn to draw a plants in pots, are you ready?. let’s start the tutorial easy plant drawing for kids

Step 1 – Easy Plant Drawing for Kids

our first step will be to draw four pots, why do we draw 4 pots? because we will draw 4 plants too. to draw a pot all you have to do is make a rectangle as the top of the pot, then make a square below with the right and left sides slightly curved

plant's pot

Step 2 – Aloe Vera Drawing

The first plant we will draw is aloe vera, make a shape like below

aloe vera drawing

Step 3 – Aloe Vera Plant Drawing

still by drawing aloe vera, after that add a shape like this. aloe vera has been drawn

aloe vera drawing easy

Step 4 – Sunflower Drawing Easy

then the second plant that we will draw is a sunflower, draw a circle first, then draw a curved line around the circle

sunflower drawing easy

Step 5 – Sunflower Plant Drawing Easy

then draw the stem, and add one leaf on the right

sunflower drawing easy step by step

Step 6 – How to Draw a Cactus

the third plant is a cactus, make a shape like this

how to draw a cactus

Step 7 – Cute Cactus Drawing

then we will make thorns from cactus

how to draw a cactus step by step

Step 8 – Drawing the Last Plant

You have successfully drawn three plants, let’s draw the last one, for the last plant it’s quite complicated

cute easy plant drawings

Step 9 – Drawing the Last Plant

add the stalk, and we’re done

easy plant drawing step by step

you guys are great, today we have finished drawing four plants. applause for you

easy plant drawing with parts

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if there are some steps that are difficult, you can watch the video below. you won’t have any more trouble

you can download pictures of plants that nifty made, see you in the next article, bye bye

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