Easy Drawing Christmas Tree for Kids

Hi guys, this tutorial is learning to draw a Christmas tree. I made this tutorial is very simple and easy, I hope you can follow it. just go to the tutorial Easy Drawing Christmas Tree for Kids.

Step 1 – Easy Drawing Christmas Tree

In step 1 we will draw the top of the Christmas tree, make a star on top of your drawing book.


After successfully creating a star, we will continue to step 2

Step 2

In step 2 we will make part of the tree, make it like the image below.


Step 3

In step 3 to step 6 we will do a loop, draw as below and repeat continuously until step 6.


Start drawing with the smallest size.

Step 4

Makes an image the same size but larger.


Step 5

Bigger than before


Step 6

And bigger.


Step 7

After successfully creating the tree, add 2 slightly curved vertical lines for the trunk.


Step 8

Add decorations on the tree to make it look prettier.


And congratulations, your Christmas tree is ready, don’t forget to color it.


Learning to draw today is finished, don’t forget to download the coloring page below. See you in the next tutorial, bye bye.

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