Earth Day Drawing Ideas by Nifty Toy Art

Hello my friends, finally we can meet again in a drawing tutorial for kids. today we will learn to draw earth day, let’s start the tutorial earth day drawing ideas.

Step 1 (Earth Day Drawing Ideas)

the first step we have to do is draw a circle

Step 2 (How to Draw Earth Day)

after that we will draw the islands on earth

Step 3 (How to Draw Earth Day)

we will make a smaller island than the previous island

Step 4 (How to Draw Earth Day)

then in this step the island that we will draw is getting smaller than before

Step 5 (How to Draw Earth Day)

now we are going to make a big island, see the example image below, okay?

Step 6 (How to Draw Earth Day)

The island we drew earlier isn’t big enough, let’s draw a bigger one

Step 7

from earlier we only drew on the edge of the circle, now we will draw the island right in the middle of the circle. What do you think? quite easy isn’t it

earth day drawing ideas

Step 8

after that we will draw a tree outside the circle, we will draw one first

how to draw earth day

Step 9

After successfully drawing one tree, we will add more trees. we will draw around the earth

earth day drawing ideas

You guys have succeeded in drawing Earth Day, it’s very easy isn’t it?

earth day drawing

If you are still having trouble, you can watch the video tutorial below. I guarantee you will succeed in drawing it

Don’t forget to also download the coloring page below, see you in the next article

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