Drawing Table for Kids Easy Step by Step

Hello my friend, How are you today? as usual, today I will share a drawing tutorial for kids. This time we will draw a table, let’s start the tutorial drawing table for kids

Step 1 Drawing Table for Kids

Make 2 horizontal lines as below

Drawing Table for Kids Step 1

Step 2

Then make a slash that connects with a horizontal line, or the easy way is to make a parallelogram

Drawing Table for Kids Step 2

Step 3

After that, make a vertical line at each corner of the same length, make it short

Step 4

Connect the ends of the vertical lines that have been made

Step 5

We will make a table leg, first make 2 vertical lines, then make 1 vertical line with a shorter size and a little tighter than the previous 2 lines

After that, connect the bottom of the three vertical lines, and the table leg is complete, you can see the picture below

Step 6

Repeat step 5, make it the same size and the bottom is parallel

Step 7

Repeat step 5 again, but with a shorter size

Step 8

And make the last leg of the table in the same way as in step 5

yeeeaaaah, you’ve managed to draw a table, see you in the next tutorial, keep the spirit to practice drawing

Drawing Table for Kids
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