Drawing Onion for Kids is Very Easy

Hi guys, I hope you are always healthy and happy. In 2021 I will start with the tutorial drawing onion, let’s just start the tutorial Drawing Onion for Kids.

Step 1

Draw a small circle, and in the middle of the circle draw a spiral shape, if you are confused look at the picture below.


Step 2

In this step, draw the outline of the onion


Step 3

After drawing the outline, now draw the inner line. See the image below


Step 4

Repeat step 3


Step 5

Draw the same line as steps 3 and 4 but different direction


Step 6

Repeat step 5


And after following all the steps you have successfully drawn the onion


Until here the tutorial drawing onion for kids, I hope you can follow this tutorial well. Don’t forget to download the onion images with high resolution for coloring.

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