Drawing Corn for Kids by Nifty Toy Art

Hello my friend, In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to draw corn. This tutorial is very easy for you to follow, so let’s just drawing corn for kids

Step 1 Drawing Corn for Kids

In step one, we’re going to create a corn husk that looks peeling downwards


Step 2 Drawing Corn for Kids

The second step is still the same as the first step, which is to continue the drawing of the peeled corn husks


Step 3

In this third step, we will draw the corn husks in another part


Step 4

The fourth step is the step to draw the corn, let’s follow the steps you are almost done


Step 5

The last step, add the corn husks on the left


All done, you have learned how to draw corn!


Don’t forget to download the corn image below to color it

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