Drawing Coriander Leaf for Kids Easy

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I will give you tutorial Drawing Coriander Leaf for Kids, just go to the tutorial.

I hope you are patient because this tutorial is a little complicated, you have a lot of curves to draw, if you are ready go straight to step 1.

Step 1 – Drawing Coriander Leaf

First Step we will draw the top left leaf, look at the picture below as an example.


Step 2

Then we will make the top center of the leaf, connect it with the image in step 1.


Step 3

Step 3 we will make the top right, the method is still the same as before, don’t forget to connect the ends of the previous leaf.


Step 4

In this step we will make the right leaf, its shape does look similar to the top leaf.


Step 5

In step 5 we will draw the left, draw it with the same shape as step 4.


Step 6

After all the parts of the leaf have been created, in this step we will connect all the parts of the leaf. Make a connecting line like the image below.


Step 7

We come to the last step, in this final step make the stem like the image below.


You guys have succeeded in drawing coriander leaf, if this method doesn’t work, find your own method.

Because this method is not the only method to get good at drawing. Keep up the spirit and don’t give up to practice drawing.


See you in the next tutorial, don’t forget to download the coriander leaf coloring page.

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