bike drawing for kids

Drawing Bike for Kids – Bicycle Drawing for Kids

Hello friend how are you? I hope you guys stay healthy. today I will share a bicycle drawing tutorial, as usual let’s start the tutorial drawing bike for kids

Step 1 (Drawing Bike for Kids)

Make two slashes like the example below, make the right slash a little longer than the left.

Step 2 (Drawing Bike for Kids)

then make two more lines like the example below

drawing bike step 2

Step 3 (Drawing Bike for Kids)

this step we will make the rear frame of the bicycle, look at the picture below if you are confused

Step 4

add the steering

Step 5

then add a stand

Step 6

in this step we will make the wheels, make the front wheels first

Step 7

then we will create the rear wheel

Step 8

then we’ll add the spokes

Step 9

also add the spokes on the rear wheel

drawing bike step 9

Step 10

and finally we will make the crank and pedal

drawing crank for bike

finally the bike has been drawn, What do you think? is it hard?

drawing bike

okay, now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading this article, don’t forget to read the other articles too

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