Drawing a Helicopter for Kids by Nifty Toy Art

Hello my friend, finally we can meet again. In this article I will share how to draw a helicopter, this tutorial will be a little longer than other articles, let’s just start drawing a helicopter for kids.

Step 1 Drawing a Helicopter for Kids

In step 1, create the top and front body of the helicopter

Step 2 Drawing a Helicopter for Kids

Step 2 is to create the lower body of the helicopter

Step 3

Step 3 is to add a line in the center of the helicopter body so that it forms the main body and tail of the helicopter

Add a line at the bottom of the helicopter

Step 4

Step 4 this is the longest step of the other steps, in this step we will create the details of the body, such as helicopter windows, helicopter doors and others. Just follow the steps, you can do it

Step 5

After making the details of the helicopter body, in step 5 we will create the legs of the helicopter

Step 6

This step creates the place where the helicopter blades attach

Step 7

Step 7 is to draw the most important part of the helicopter, namely the propellers

Step 8

And this last step we will make the important parts so that the helicopter looks perfect

And congratulations, you have successfully drawn the helicopter

Okay, until here first the tutorial drawing a helicopter for kids, don’t forget to download the helicopter coloring page at the link below, write in the comments column what else do you want to draw!

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