Chili Pepper Drawing for Kids by Nifty Toy Art

Hello everyone back again with me, today I will share a tutorial chili pepper drawing for kids. just go to the tutorial chili pepper drawing

Step 1 Drawing Chili Pepper for Kids

we start, the first step is to create an image like the one below

Step 2

Then add the chili stalk as shown below

chili drawing step 2

you guys have succeeded in drawing chilies, but it looks like if we draw only 1 chili is less than perfect. let’s draw more chilies

Step 3

make the same steps as the image in step 1

Step 4

then add the stalk as you did before

we already have two chilies, let’s add one more

Step 5

we will repeat step 1 a second time

chili drawing step 5

Step 6

and add the stalk

chili pepper

congratulations, you have succeeded in drawing chilies, it’s very easy right

chili coloring page

until here for today’s tutorial, don’t forget to download the chili coloring page below. see you in the next article

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