cauliflower drawing with colour

Cauliflower Drawing – How to Draw Cauliflower

Hi all, how are you guys? we meet again in the drawing for kids tutorial. today I will give a tutorial on how to draw cauliflower, let’s start with the tutorial cauliflower drawing

Step 1 (Cauliflower Drawing)

the first step, we will make the leaves first. These leaves are often found on the outside of cauliflower

Step 2 (Cauliflower Drawing)

because we need two leaves at the bottom, so in this step we will draw another leaf, you have to draw it like the picture below

Step 3 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

actually drawing cauliflower is very easy, you just need to draw a wavy line with a shape like the example below

Step 4 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

Once we’re done creating the main shape, we’re going to add more wavy lines to it

Step 5 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

one wavy line is not enough, we will add more. very easy isn’t it?

Step 6 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

the more wavy lines the better it will look

Step 7 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

we’ll add more, keep the spirit

Step 8 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

we add more for the last time

Step 9 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

The main wavy line is finished, now we will add a small wavy line randomly

Step 10 (How to Draw Cauliflower)

You have successfully drawn the cauliflower, now let’s add some leaves on the outside

Step 11 (Drawing of Cauliflower)

we add leaves on top

Step 12 (Drawing of Cauliflower)

looks like the leaves are still lacking, let’s add more

cauliflower drawing step by step

Step 13

looks like the leaves are still lacking, let’s add more

cauliflower drawing pictures

Step 14

the last step we will make the bones of the leaves, let’s make it

cauliflower drawing images

Congratulations, you have successfully drawn cauliflower. your cauliflower looks really good

cauliflower drawing

If you are still confused, you can watch the video below, I hope you like the tutorial

Don’t forget to download the coloring page below, you can color it however you like. see you in the next article

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