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Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids, Easy Drawing Bee

Hello hello, today we will learn to draw a bee. Of course we make this tutorial as easy as possible so that you can follow. Let’s start the bee drawing tutorial

Step 1 (Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids)

The first step make a circle, this circle will be the head of the bee

Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids step 1

Step 2 (Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids)

the second step we will make the body of the bee, see the picture below

Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids step 2

Step 3 (Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids)

make the same shape as the previous step

Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids step 3

Step 4

in this step we will make bee wings, make it like the image below

Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids step 4

Step 5

make one more to complete the wings

Bee Drawing Tutorial for Kids step 5

Step 6

then repeat the two steps above to make the left wing

Step 7

try to be the same size, so that the wings look precise

Step 8

after finishing making the wings, we will make a bee antenna, draw it as below

Step 9

also make the antenna on the left

Step 10

then we will make the eyes, first draw a circle, then in it draw two ovals

Step 11

Don’t forget to make one more eye

Step 12

make a bee mouth, make a number 3 but face up

Step 13

and the last step we will make a pattern on the body of the bee, make a curved horizontal line like the image below

you have finished drawing bee, easy right? if you still fail don’t ever give up trying

Bee Drawing Tutorial

see you in the next article, don’t forget to download the bee coloring page

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