ball drawing for kids

Beach Ball Drawing for Kids and of Course Very Very Easy

Back again with nifty in a drawing tutorial for kids, today we will learn to draw a ball. Since there are so many balls, in this tutorial we will draw a beach ball, let’s get started beach ball drawing

Step 1 – Beach Ball Drawing

the first step we have to do is make a circle, let’s make a circle

beach ball drawing

Step 2 – Draw a Oval

after that we will draw an oval at the top end of the circle. We will make this oval as the center for the next step

beach ball drawing easy

Step 3 – Draw a Curved Line

in the third step we will draw curved lines. we make a curved line first on the left

beach ball drawing step by step

after that we make another curved line to the right in the middle of the circle

beach ball drawing outline

then we also make a curved line to the left so that it faces each other with the previous line

beach ball cartoon drawing

the lines we drew are too few, let’s make another curved line on the right


and lastly, we will create a small curved line above the oval

how to draw ball

that’s amazing, you guys have managed to draw a beach ball perfectly

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