Astronaut Drawing Easy – Drawing for Kids by Nifty Toy Art

Hello everyone, the drawing tutorial for kids is back. Today we will learn to draw astronauts, let’s start the easy astronaut drawing tutorial

Step 1 (Astronaut Drawing for Kids)

our first step will be to create a helmet that astronauts use, make a circle, and inside that circle make an oval shape

astronaut drawing

Step 2 (Drawing for Kids)

then add the ears, and give them a curved line on the helmet.

astronaut drawing easy step 2

Step 3 (Drawing for Kids)

after that we will make astronaut clothes, make it like the image below

astronaut drawing easy step 3

Step 4 (Drawing for Kids)

add the details of the astronaut suit as shown below

astronaut drawing easy step 4

congratulations you have succeeded in drawing astronauts. what do you think, easy right?

if you can’t draw yet, you can watch the astronaut drawing video below, And don’t forget to download the astronaut coloring page below. see you in the next drawing for kids tutorial

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