aquarium drawing

Aquarium Drawing – Fish Tank Drawing for Kids

Back again with nifty in the article drawing for kids, today we will learn to draw an aquarium and the fish, let’s just start the tutorial aquarium drawing

Step 1 (How to Draw Aquarium)

the first step we will make the aquarium first, make a shape like a circle but flat at the top and bottom

aquarium drawing step 1

then add a curved line up at the top, this aquarium we have finished drawing

aquarium drawing step 2

Step 2 (How to Draw Aquarium)

in this second step we will draw the base of the aquarium, make a rock like the image below

how to draw aquarium

after that add a straight line between the stones earlier

how to draw aquarium step 2

Step 3 (How to Draw Aquarium)

we will also add a little plant in the aquarium, make a line like below

then add the leaves on the line that we drew earlier

fish tank drawing step 3

Step 4 (How to Draw Aquarium)

this step we will draw the most important part of the aquarium, we will draw the fish. make an oval first

add fish fins on the top and bottom

then add the tail too

fish tank drawing step 4

and finally, add the eyes, mouth, and gills

fish tank drawing

congratulations, you have succeeded in drawing the aquarium and the fish. you are very good at drawing

for those of you who are still in trouble, you can see the drawing video below, hopefully can help. You can also download the aquarium coloring page below this video. see you in the next article, bye bye

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