Alien Drawing Easy – Alien Drawing for Kids

Hello everyone, back to the tutorial drawing for kids. today we will learn to draw aliens, let’s just start the tutorial alien drawing easy

Step 1 (Alien Drawing Easy)

the first step we will make the head first, make a head shape like the following image

Step 2 (Alien Drawing Easy)

then we will make the eyes, just look at the example below

alien drawing easy step 2

Step 3 (How to Draw Alien)

after making the eyes, we are going to make the nose and mouth, this is very easy

alien drawing easy step 3

Step 4 (How to Draw Alien)

after finishing drawing the alien’s head, now we will draw the body

alien step 4

Step 5

then we’re going to make both alien hands

Step 6

and the last step we will make the legs, just add a half circle under the body

You have successfully drawn aliens, congrats to you. see you in other drawing tutorials for kids, goodbye nifty friends.

You can also watch the alien drawing video below, and don’t forget to download the alien coloring page under the video

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