3 Steps How To Draw a Easter Eggs for Kids

Hello nifty friends, today nifty will share a tutorial on drawing easter eggs. This tutorial is very easy, you only need 3 steps. let’s start the tutorial 3 steps how to draw a easter eggs

Step 1 (How To Draw a Easter Eggs)

the first step of course we will make an oval shape, make it like with an egg

how to draw easter egg step 1

After creating the egg shape, we will paint it

Step 2

then make a zig zag line like this

easter egg step 2a

we repeat again making a zigzag line

easter egg step 2b

add a third zigzag line

how to draw easter egg step 2c

and add the last zigzag line

how to draw easter egg step 2d

Step 3

then we will add a circle shape, in between the zigzag lines

easter eggs drawing step 3a

we add another circle shape right in the middle of the egg

easter eggs drawing step 3b

and we’re going to make the final circle shape

easter eggs drawing step 3

yeaaah, you guys have succeeded in drawing easter eggs. very easy right?

easter eggs download

until here for today’s tutorial, don’t forget to download the coloring page below. see you in the next tutorial, bye bye

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